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Legal mentions

Wallonia Belgium Tourism (WBT ASBL) has created an online image library for its users (hereafter referred to as "the user").

The use of photos from The Wallonia Belgium Tourism's (hereafter referred to as "WBT") image library, is subject to the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of processing and use detailed below (in "General Terms and Conditions") and all of the applicable laws.

By accessing the image library and/or taking possession of a photo so as to use it, the user confirms that he or she has accepted, without reservation, the following General Terms and Conditions:< p/>

  1. Conditions of use:
    • Before all use of images from the WBT's image library (hereafter referred to as "the photos"), a request must be made to the WBT. Should the WBT subsequently accept the request, the user is granted permission to use the photo free of charge.
    • The photos are not intended for commercial private use under any circumstances. The user shall use the photos only for the strict and exclusive purpose of promoting tourism in Wallonia.
    • The user shall refrain from any use of the photo - including its reproduction, representation, adaptation, publication, distribution or dissemination - not expressly authorised by the WBT and shall not facilitate such use by third parties.
    • The user shall not make any changes to the content of the photo used.
    • The user shall not use this photo for a purpose contrary to the aims of the WBT, human dignity and respect.
    • The user shall respect the meaning and context of the caption if one is supplied with the photograph.
    • The user shall mention without fail the copyright ("WBT/ [photographer's name]/...") on the reproduction medium, irrespective of the nature of the reproduction, the representation or interpretation of the photograph.
  2. Ownership of the photos: The photographs remain the property of WBT, which does not concede any reproduction or usage license implied.
  3. Copyrights:
    • The user shall take all measures necessary with regards to copyright and intellectual property to protect the WBT against any action or claim.
    • The user shall also inform the WBT of any violations of its copyright on the photo of which the user should become aware.
  4. Revoking of the authorisation by the WBT:
    • In the event of non-compliance with one of these terms and conditions, the WBT may revoke the authorisation to use the photo, effective immediately. Should this happen, the WBT may prohibit further access to its photo library, without prejudice to further action.
    • If the authorisation to use the photo is revoked by the OPT, the user shall return to the OPT all originals or copies of the photo in his or her possession or, when this is not possible owing to the nature of the medium used, shall destroy them and certify said destruction to the OPT in writing.
  5. Treatment of personal information:
    • By visiting this site, you give the WBT the right to use the data collected internally for analysis, statistics and tourism promotion.
    • Insofar as personal data is collected, and pursuant to the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy regarding the processing of personal data, you have the right to access the data and to correct or delete all of it via e-mail sent to .
  6. Limited liability: The user uses the photos at his/her own risk. In no case, can the WBT be held responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from the access or use of the image library. The content of the image library is presented with no guarantee whatsoever. Errors or omissions can happen. Access to the image library can be restricted.
  7. Relevant laws: These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Belgian law. In case of legal dispute, it is the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.
  8. Updating the General Terms and Conditions: The WBT reserves the right to modify and update at any time the access to the image library and the General Terms and Conditions. These modifications and updates apply to the user, who consequently needs to regularly check this section to be sure of the General Terms and Conditions.

I accept the legal mentions >>